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Founder and Executive Director

Elissa Felder

Elissa grew up in London England. In 1985 she married her American husband and they started their married life in Washington, DC. After the death of her first child, Elissa started to explore what Judaism has to say about the afterlife and the meaning behind the Jewish rituals around death. She is very active on the local chevra kadisha, an organization which prepares Jews for burial. She speaks widely on this topic.

In 2014, Elissa started taking local Jewish mothers on the trip of a lifetime with Momentum to Israel. So far over 50 RI women have experienced this trip. She also has started her own trip to Israel, the Women's Reconnection Trip WRT which began in 2016 . She teaches a weekly Parsha class which is broadcast live on Facebook. In addition, she hosts large Shabbat and holiday meals for a wide swath of the RI Jewish community.

She is passionate about bringing Jews together and celebrating the commonalities rather than the differences. She is currently works for Core as facilitator of their Communities of Practice.

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