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Rosh Chodesh, the celebration of the beginning of each month in the Jewish calendar, has blossomed into a celebration of women and femininity. It is traditionally a women’s holiday and we at Core Connects RI want to recognize Rosh Chodesh as an opportunity to gather together, deepen friendships, make new ones, and celebrate what unites us.

"I really enjoyed the Rosh Chodesh women’s dinner.  It was a good group of women, an appealing and relevant speaker, and lots of delicious food! "

"I want to thank you for an amazing evening last night. Finding this group is exactly what I've been looking for! I'm looking forward to future events."

"Thank you again for all your work in putting together last night. It was organized, delicious, fun, scholarly, thoughtful and meaningful!! With so much appreciation."

Mazel tov to all who worked SO hard on this great program.    It was wonderful to see women from all over the state participate .   Especially loved the group of very young girls kneading and not needing.   As well as those women my age trying to knead their challah. Congratulations and thanks to all who put it together 

The great RI Pink Challah Bake was ALL that it could have been! A wonderful connection of women and Holiness

I want to "express how much our group book discussion and "camaraderie" meant to me; I really left Bonnie's lovely home feeling touched by grace and a magnanimous "oneness": We all were reflecting in our different ways and through our different contexts something "Jewish" that unifies all of us. How wonderful to "feel Jewish" and to "live Jewishly"! Thank you for providing a focal point or center for all of us through Core Connects RI.

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